"I haven't been working with Katie for long but already she's turned my life around. I've gone from eating rubbish all day every day to having a really well balanced diet with still being aloud to enjoy myself. She makes sure everything is personalised to you and cheers you on every single day to do your best. I'm working out, running and I am enjoying every single moment of it, I never thought I'd be be able to say that. I used to make excuses about doing anything about doing anything about how rubbish I felt especially having a 1 year old running around but I honestly feel like a person with a new mindset only 1 month in, I cannot imagine how I'm going to feel after another few months down the line."

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Before working with KCM fitness I was lost and didn't have no motivation to do anything other than laze around due to an injury. I finally plucked up the courage and got in touch with Katie. It is the best decision I've ever made. I'm happier, healthier and so much more confident within myself and the way I look. 

We set routines, upped water intake and set workouts that would aid my rehab for my knee. Katie is super supportive and gives you that kick of motivation when your lacking in it. Just 3 months in and I've lost 10kg, got a much stronger knee and a healthier mind and body! I've done this all while still enjoying alcohol, food and treats. It's about balance and consistency, something that I'm continuing to learn throughout this journey.

Working with a coach isn't just a quick fix. It's a lifetime investment and a lifestyle change. One that I'd never look back on, all thanks to Katie!


I became a client of KCM Fitness just over a month into lockdown. I'd lost all motivation with getting steps in and exercising, and had never counted calories in my life. Since being with Katie she's helped me become a lot more conscious about calories and macros without having to go cold turkey on food & drink that I love. She's helped me understand little changes that make a big difference and has helped me change my body shape in less than 5 weeks!! Her 24/7 support is second to none and helps me stay motivated whilst still understanding everyone has their off days. I never thought I'd get an online coaching package with a PT as I've always thought "it's nothing I can't do on my own, is it something worth spending money on" but she is incredible and worth every penny! If it's something you are on the fence about it, take the leap - you won't regret it!


I've been part of the KCM team for 12 weeks and I can honestly say, it's been an investment for both my physical and mental health.

Katie is the hardest working coach I've met and she's created the best support network between her clients, as everyone is always full of support and new ideas in the group chat! Katie will push you to your limits but is also a realist, she will ALWAYS make sure she is there to support, ever when it's outside of fitness. 

Deciding to take my journey with KCM has helped me change my lifestyle for what I hope to be, forever. In the space of 12 weeks I have gained so much more knowledge about my body and what works for me. I have a strong mindset and I'll even forget I'm on a training plan as I'm more aware of my calorie intake. The best part.. I've still been able to enjoy BBQs, alcohol and takeaways! With a 6kg loss in my short time with KCM, I am confident, comfortable and a dress size down!

I'm so ready to continue my journey and reach all my goals and with Katie as my coach, I know it's not far out of reach. It's a lifestyle change, not a diet!


I haven't been working with Katie long, but from previous experiences with personal trainers I can safely say that Katie is the most professional, attentive, kind and caring trainer I've met. She genuinely cares about you and your goals and is always there when you need her. She's not afraid to give you a kick up the arse when you need it and that's exactly what you need from a trainer. 

I've learnt from Katie, in a short time she's been training me, that it's not all about weight; it's about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the rest comes along with that. 

I highly recommend Katie as a personal trainer, she'll get you to where you want to be and can still enjoy a takeaway along the way