Olivia was several months postpartum when she first joined the team. After incorrect guide from professionals she was stuck in a rut of daily cardio and restricting food to try to lose weight. 

When nothing was working she knew she needed a change. Just 6 months later she completed her first ever photoshoot, lost over 10kg and only trains 3-4 times week and she even enjoys a take away at the weekend.

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Charlotte was travelling Australia living the travelling lifestyle and wanted to get control over her body and be confident enough to wear a bikini again.

We worked around the partying lifestyle with several nights out a week planned and within a few months she was back to her usual confident self.


Emma first started coaching to build her confidence and build some definition. What started off with home training progressed to training in the weights section of a gym hitting PB's week after week. To celebrate her hard work she committed to doing a photoshoot and is now the most confident she's ever been.

But we're not stopping there. Emma's new found love for training and working on herself has meant she's set new goals for the coming year and wants to do another photoshoot to show off all the improvements she's working hard on.


I don't even know where to begin with rating Katie.. I was so sceptical about having a coach from previous experience however, Katie is not just a coach. She is an inspiration, a supporter for everything you go through in your personal life not just your fitness journey, and a true friend! I suffered from an ED and that did not stop me from achieving my goals. For the first time in 5 years, Katie has helped me gain a true healthy relationship with food, and honestly being able to allow your body to eat whatever and still feel good about it is a feeling I cannot explain. Katie helped me throughout it all and showed me a new light. I now eat over 2000 calories a day!!

I could not recommend Katie any more, she is just brilliant at what she does and you can definitely see her passion is there for others as well as herself. I would rate more than a 5* if I could.


I haven't been working with Katie long, but from previous experiences with personal trainers I can safely say that Katie is the most professional, attentive, kind and caring trainer I've met. She genuinely cares about you and your goals and is always there when you need her. She's not afraid to give you a kick up the arse when you need it and that's exactly what you need from a coach. 

I've learnt from Katie, in a short time she's been training me, that it's not all about weight; it's about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the rest comes along with that. 

I highly recommend Katie as a coach, she'll get you to where you want to be and can still enjoy a takeaway along the way.