Olivia was several months postpartum when she first joined the team. After incorrect guide from professionals she was stuck in a rut of daily cardio and restricting food to try to lose weight. 

When nothing was working she knew she needed a change. A year later, she'c completed 2 lingerie shoots with us, ditched a toxic relationship and trains in a gym.

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Jamie joined the team as an online client over 2 years ago at a complete loss. As a mother of 2 she had lost her way.

Fast forward to now, she's lost over 4 stone, she's completely changed her life around and she's now a coach in the team helping other women achieve the same goals as her!


Emma first started coaching to build her confidence and build some definition. What started off with home training progressed to training in the weights section of a gym hitting PB's week after week. To celebrate her hard work she committed to doing a photoshoot and is now the most confident she's ever been.

But we're not stopping there. Emma's new found love for training and working on herself has meant she's set new goals for the coming year and wants to do another photoshoot to show off all the improvements she's working hard on.


Casey was an avid gym-goer, training everyday for hours at a time but she just wasn't getting anywhere.

Having worked with us for over a year she now has a much better relationship with training, appreciates her rest days a whole load more and knows how to progress effectively. 

From a mindset standpoint, she's a new person. The love she now has for herself is insane!


Georgia started with us massively restricted, she was depriving herself of food in a desperate attempt to drop weight. She needed help.

We've now been working together for over a year and her relationship with her body has changed drastically. She eats to fuel her body, she trains hard, she's completely changed her shape and she's just completed her first ever photoshoot.