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Ready to change

your lifestyle?

At KCM fitness, we don't believe in quick fixes to your health and fitness. Overnight results, full body 'detoxes' and starving yourself are among some of the solutions that just don't work. 

Our coaching is based around getting you sustainable, achievable results by making lifestyle changes that work in the real world and create habits that will last for a lifetime.

KCM Fitness isn't a program with a 'one size fits all' attitude, each plan is tailor made to you and updated as often as need be to help you be the best version of yourself. 


"Katie is one of the best coaches out there. I've had several coaches in the past and not seen results but with Katie I'm getting results. She is honestly the greatest!"

- Jazz


"Katie is fab, she makes you work and she helps you along the way with your diet plan, with calorie counting and she helps you when you're feeling low as well."

- Stacey


"Katie is the best! I recommend her and her training program 100%. She is really supportive and encouraging, always. She supports you in all aspects from gym sessions to food intake and macros.."

- Jasmin

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Why choose kcm fitness?

To me, the answer is simple. You're ready to change your life, and I'm ready to use my extensive expertise to help and support you towards reaching your goals. I have a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science from Cardiff Metropolitan University and a diverse range of past clients who I have helped to advocate for my passion for helping people to become the best version of themselves.

With KCM fitness online coaching, you will receive a bespoke training and nutrition plan, tailored to your needs and goals, regular check-ins, ongoing support and access to our members-only, exclusive app.



... allows you to train when it's convenient for you, with no commitment to set training session times and worry about rearranging when things happen. Being able to fit your sessions around your life makes it much more sustainable.


... is more affordable! Having a personal trainer can get very pricey, especially if you want several sessions a week. Training online makes it more affordable, with a months' program costing the equivalent of, on average, five 1:1 sessions.


... allows you to train from anywhere in the world, so you don't have to be local to work with me. We've had clients in Wales, England, Russia and America! The possibilities are endless.

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Detailed consultation with an expert to discuss goals and plans.

Weekly check-ins with your trainer for accountability and motivation.

Access to our free app for support and tracking.

Daily communication with your trainer.

Bespoke training plan created with your goals and plans in mind.

Programs based on the most up to date health research.

Exercise supervision to ensure optimum performance.

No contract! No pressure to commit to ongoing payments.